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Image by Nick Knight

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Curriculum Vitae

Aris Biniaris has spent recent years seeking out those corners of the theatrical repertoire that set out to illuminate issues relating to personal freedom, social dogmatism and historical memory.

Aris Biniaris began his theatre training and work in 1999 doing street theatre and, up to 2005, he had been incorporating contemporary performing techniques (stilts, fire juggling, street acting) in demanding as to performance precision street shows.

In 2007, he acted in director Dimos Avdeliodis’ production of Alexander the Great and the Accursed Dragon in the leading role (Municipal and Regional Theatre of Chios, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Patras and Pallas Theatre). During the same period, he directed and acted in the performances: Sophocles’ Antigone (Chitirion Theatre, 2007, Theatro Neou Kosmou, 2007-228) and Euripides’ Bacchae (Bios 2010). In the latter, he focused on the musicality of the Ancient Greek language and exploited the interaction and its impact on the actor’s means of expression (breathing-voice-movement). In 2011, he directed and acted in the production of Yannis Skarimbas’ Holy Goat, in narrative concert form to the accompaniment of rock music, in the Bios venue.

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After the first successful presentation of the production, he worked with an electrician crew as a hired hand, installing photovoltaic parks, immediately after which, he trained and got a job as a baker in a big bakery chain. In 2014, while still working as a baker, he was back at Bios with the Holy Goat. The performance won a place in the Athens and Epidaurus Festival and then moved on to the Lefteris Voyatzis’ Theatre. At the same time, he prepared his next work, ’21, a pastiche of authentic texts from the 1821 Greek Revolution of Independence era, exploiting yet again the theatrical form of rock narrative concert. The production was presented in the Athens and Epidaurus Festival (2015), in Gazarte (2015-2016) and in the Poreia Theatre (2016). In 2016, in parallel with ’21, he quit his baking job and started working in food storage, where he shovelled legume blends and served customers at the charcuterie and cheese counter. During that year, he concluded his work in food storage and started teaching acting through singing in the Archi Drama School and the Quilombo venue. In 2017, he directed and acted in Aeschylus’ The Persians, representing the Cyprus Theatre Organisation in the Athens Festival. The performance was presented in various cities of Cyprus, The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, The Odeon of Herodes Atticus and other ancient theatres around Greece. During the same year, he ran an intensive acting seminar for young actors, in the National Theatre of Northern Greece.

His work in the theatre up to now showcases poetic works as both theatrical and musical events, where sound, music, the musicality of language and acting become a vehicle for the audience to understand and actively engage with the meaning of the work. In recent years, he has consciously dealt with dramaturgy that seeks to foreground issues of personal freedom, social dogmatism and historical memory.


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